Getting clients as a Freelancer could be daunting. More especially if you are new to whatever platform with a few or no reviews on your profile. The hard part is convincing a potential client to look your way or award that project to you.

Still, every Freelancer you see with 50 something completed projects on their profile and 4.7 star review started exactly where you are. From Ground Zero.

However there are strategies you need to adopt to grow and up the game. Apparently these tips are observations from successful Freelancers which you as an upcoming can learn and build on.

Now on most Freelance platforms, inclusive, you would be allowed to showcase to clients what you can do and the service you can offer alongside your profile. This are called Gigs, Tasks etc. For others, you only update your profile describing your skills, qualifications and portfolios.

So you have decided to create a profile as a Freelancer, we will share some tips to help you increase visibility, get more clients and be a top rated Freelancer.

Identify and dissect your skills

Usually the first impulse is to generalize your skillset – “I can create graphic designs” That’s general. Within this single sentence, there are numerous sub skills, eg Vector Drawings, Logo Design, Image Illustration, Comics, Image Manipulation and so many more

So ask yourself, which of this are you adept at and list them. Generalising your skillset could make you seem as a Jack of all trade and master of none. More importantly, a typical client searching for a Freelancer will prefer to pick a profile description that includes capabilities in their specific terms rather than a generalised one with no clear indication if the specific task can be handled.

Research your keywords

I’ll keep this simple. Imagine yourself as a client needing a website. What will you type into the search bar. Here are some examples

    • I need a corporate website
    • We need a school website
    • We want an ecommerce website
    • I need a Blog

Now revert back to being a Freelancer, you need to input this likely keywords into your Task. To do a simple find on Keywords, Try Google Search, in the Search Box. Start tying, Google will display ranking completion suggestions, these suggestions are popular results of what users have been inputting over time.

There are other online tools that will help you in your Keyword Research.

Check profiles of other top Freelancers

To be the best, you sometimes have to learn from the Best. Check profiles of top freelancers with high views and learn from their content. Although not in all cases a profile tops the chart due to content.

Another question, is how do you identify a profile with good search results ? I’ll tell you an old trick you might already know. When drafting your profile, for good visibility result, assume once again that you are a client, search for a service and check out the profiles that make it to the First page. There has to be something you can learn from their content structure.

However remember to be unique, copying the contents of another profile might result to been penalized on Google Search result and may also affect your credibility. A potential client might assume your creativity is poor if it is obvious that your content description was someone else’s writeup.

Be Detailed and Concise

The layout of your description speaks volume and is the major impression a potential client has about you. How you structure your task tells the reader that the Freelancer behind this profile is a serious and professional person.

If you are a content creator, sentence and grammatical errors are a complete No-No. And why will you simply drop 10 words as a description of what you can do.

A BookKeeping expert should be able to state the periodic reports, activities the client should expect when signing the Freelancer on.

Overall, there are technical terminologies applicable to each Task and service, you should be able to state them in simple understandable words for the client to agree you have in-dept knowledge of what you are promising to do.

Checkout this simple example we drafted.

Stand out

Yes you are part of the crowd but you could be distinct. And there are so many ways of doing so. If for example you are a Copywriter – Let your Intro be killing, wao the user reading your Task in your first few sentences. Do it differently.

As a Graphic designer, showcase one or two works in the Image section. Add a video if possible, same goes for other categories. Write but convince differently. for instance has a Media section to showcase your works in media format. Make good use of it. Infact you can’t be a Media person and yet no showcase – And please remember to customized your work, let it speak of you and more of you.

Structure your Task for an immediate purchase

This is hard but very possible. State details of your Task as if you are configuring a shopping cart, a potential user does not need to contact you again, they simply pay and you get started.

Start with the minimum offer you can accept, state the requirements and any other info you need, mention that if the terms are exactly what the client is expecting, he or she can go ahead and pay. Then for each incremental step, make use of the Extra option. That way you beat the competition. Most clients get easily bored when having to communicate over again. Put yourself forward by eliminating that.

Kill it on the First Inquiry

Should you get an inquiry for a potential client, ensure you answer all questions. The best thing to do is to envisage every other inquiry the client might want to ask and state it. As much as possible, eliminate back and forth. Remember you are not the only one the client is conversing with. The longer the conversation lingers, the lower your chances of being awarded the project. As much as possible, ensure your response is all the client will ever need to ask. He should be deciding to sign you up immediately after your response.

Ask to be criticized

Feedback especially when you are a budding Freelancer cannot be overemphasized. When you get the first job done. Ask the client to tell you personally any negative comment, now this is not for him to drop it in the review section. Honest opinion especially when asked for could be very beneficial, the lessons learnt will help you improve on the next experience and other clients.

More also, when a client realise you are open about constructive criticism, they tend to be more helpful and whatever grudge they might bear turns to encouragement, because they know you are willing to learn.

And when you have a negative review, don’t look at the client, look at yourself. Ask yourself, what would I have done to avoid this.

Share your Tasks on Social Media

There is no better person to sell you than yourself. On, we run quite a lot of ads to drive traffic but it is left for the client to choose who to work with. Share the link to your Task on your Social Media handles. Pin it where possible, include it on your Profile description, About page, Signature and more. Someone will definitely notice, and when it time to pick, you will be the first on the queue.

Sharing the link on is easy, there are two ways it could be done

  • The Media icons to the left upper part of your Task description


  • The URL of your Task page

So copy the link and share wherever.

Tell your Friends to share

We live in a world of referrals, your potential client might just be on your Friend’s timeline. There is inherent confidence gained when you and a potential client have a friend in common. It create familiarity which in this case is good for business.

And so folks, here is where I pause the pen. To your success. Have more tips you’d like to share, please feel free to drop them in the comments below.