Yes, its real. This is a Eat your cake and still have something left deal. For any order made on Quilance. You get a Cashback of 15%.

The topup is made straight to your Account credit after payment. This offer relates to Clients who intend to hire Freelancers.

Still not getting it ?

You are a client, you need for example a Design job done. After the selection process, you finally choosed a Freelancer and agreed on  price.

When you pay, say a N10,000 which will be held in Escrow till the Freelancer completes the project. Quilance will topup your Account Credit with N1,500 as Cashback. You can use your Cashback to engage other Freelancers on the platform.

What do you think, we just sweetened the deal Best of all, there is no limit to the amount you earn as Cashback.

So why not get that project started and engage a Freelancer today.

This promo is not indefinite and can be stopped at anytime. So hurry, take advantage while it last.

Please note Cashback is given on Card/Bank payment and not on Account Credit

Not sure of how Quilance works, please read more here

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