Bigger better and ready. By popular demand, we decided to expand the scope of Freelancing platform. Initially, the idea was to limit operations to outsourcing with regards to Accounting, Finance and related activities which was what BookKeeper stands for.

Already BookKeeper was metamorphosing into a community based freelance platform while we anticipated the next stage of opening the payment feature for employers to start engaging registered freelancers. Then we realized there was a greater capacity.

There was no need limiting the scope to Financial activities, why not bring in others and have a bigger community.
Quilance is here and now open to all and sundry who are ready to adopt the Freelance culture.
Skilled freelancers who can deliver on tasks from Logo Design, Website creation, Copywriting, Video Animation, Academic Projects, Programing and even Finance are more than welcomed.

A quick info for our Freelancers

There is no stopping you now. The platform is open and clients can now engage you straight away.

There are three payment options available:

  • Card Payments via Paystack
  • Cash or Bank Transfer
  • Accounts Credit

All three are covered by our Escrow payment policy. So what are you waiting for. Share the Word to all and sundry.
Submit your profile here and get working