For employers, having to search, select, engage and make a final pick could sometimes be difficult and stressful. We know, it was why we introduced the Concierge option.

Now there is better news. The process just got simpler. All a Employer needing a Freelancer has to do is to post the job request and wait for the offers to roll in.

No more guessing, if the profile you are reading is the best fit. When you post your request, you specify what you want, state your budget and every other details. The task will be displayed on the Recruit page and eligible Freelancers who can handle the project can then make an offer.

This process makes it easy and simpler for the Employer and Freelancer. The Freelancer gets to see what the request is all about and can make a valid offer while also specifying additional details. It also gives opportunity for the Freelancer to state targeted reason why he/she is the right person for the job based on the task specifics.

And for the Employer, it’s a one approach fit all situation. You have higher probability that Freelancers bidding for your Task have read and understand what it entails. It gives first time opportunity to explain your project and not having to decide who among the numerous profiles will likely be the right person to approach.

Its easy and quick – Continue reading to get started.

Navigate to

Click on Post a Request at the top left area of the page. On mobile, click the drop down menu and locate the menu described.

Here is a likely look alike on Mobile

If you are not yet a user on the platform or logged in, you will be presented with a Sign-in form.

For existing, users – Sign in and you will be directed to the Hire a Freelancer form.

For non-users, click the Join us link down the page.

You will also need to verify your email address. Afterwards, navigate back to the page.

You will be presented with the Hire form

Here is an example of a completed form

Click save, the request will be displayed on our Recruit page and Freelancers will be eligible to make offers. Check the Homepage to be sure.

All you need do is to login at intervals to check the offers.

Login to your Quilance account and navigate to the dropdown menu under your Username.

Click My Hires

On the corresponding page, a list of your requests is displayed. Click the Title to show details and see the Freelancers applying to the task.

  • On the details of each request, you will see the list of Freelancers applying.
  • A link to their task
  • An option to send them a Custom order and contact them also.

To continue, click on Send Custom order to offer the job to the Freelancer. A form will be displayed to offer the request to the Freelancer.

When you send the custom order, the Freelancer will need to send it back either with the same amount and duration you input or modify it.

You will receive a mail notification and under your messages menu, the Freelancer’s offer will be displayed. To accept or reject – Click Custom Order: Depicted below.

You will be able to accept or reject in the corresponding page.

Accept and checkout takes you to the page to effect payment.

You have the option of paying via Bank Transfer or via Card using Paystack.

Remember the Freelancer does not receive payment until the request is completed and confirmed by you. Your funds are retained in our Escrow facility pending completion of the task.

When the Freelancer completes the request – You will receive a notification, it is marked completed. You have a maximum of 3 days to either confirm the job is done or dispute it. Else the task is automatically confirmed by the system.

To confirm, simply visit your Orders Page. The dropdown menu under your Profile.

Click on the particular order – See below

You will see a button to accept the job as completed and also review attachments sent by the Freelancer.

Click accept, the next field is a box prompting you to write a review and rate.

That pretty much about it. More inquiry, please Contact us or Chat option below.