How can I pick a freelancer to work with me

Whenever you need a freelancer, visit the homepage, browse through the tasks posted by freelancers.

And select your choice, you can check a freelancer profile by clicking the “View my profile”

Need more information, click “Contact me” to initiate a conversation

And when you are ready but realised the task posted is not exactly what you want, or you have agreed a revised term with him/her. Click “Send Custom Order” to post your revised order.


What type of professionals are on this platform

Quilance connects talents to those who need them. You need a logo, design, graphic, web, professional work, online tutoring and any other activity capable of been done remotely. Then you are in the right place, we create the exchange process and stay back to ensure both sides get value and deliver. Whatever task you want done – Graphic Artist, Programmer, Accountant, Finance Expert, Tutor and more, .

You will find them here.

Cant see what you are looking, please get in touch. We will be glad to help.


Can I trust people on this platform

We currently do not vet registrations on this platform. However our Escrow payment policy ensures remittance are protected until you the Employer have confirmed satisfactory delivery of work done.

In addition, we strongly advise that all communications/attachment be done on this platform, as we would not consider conversations made on any other medium in the process of dispute resolution.

Also, endeavor to mask sensitive information like name, address and personal details when transmitting client data.


I'm unable to register

On registering, an activation mail is sent to your email address. If you do not see the mail, please check your Spam folder. You can also resend the activation mail by logging in again.

For any other issue, please contact Support either via Chat or the Contact Page



After Registration, what next ?

You create Tasks, A task is a description of service you offer. eg Logo Design, Webdesign, Voice Over, Animation work, Tax Consultancy, Financial Planning.

When creating a task, make it brief and concise but detailed enough to warrant a potential client hiring you immediately.

State a very reasonable amount, timeline to complete and include any other detail you may require to get started immediately. See this example.

You update your profile – Updating your profile makes it easy for clients to review you and convince them, you are upto the task. 


What are the charges

We deduct 15% commission to cover payment charges, advertisement and maintainance. We hope to reduce this very soon. 

When do I get paid and how?

When you agree a charge with the client, upon completion, the earnings reflect in your Dashboard. Waiting for final remission to your Bank account.

Revenues are paid weekly on the last working day of the following week[Friday]. This is to provide a safety clearance after orders during the week have been marked completed. Currently remissions are done only to Nigerian Bank accounts.