Quilance is a great place to add more value and get rewarded for it.

Work at your pace

You choose your clients, accept the type of work you want to do, and negotiate acceptable delivery timelines.
As a freelancer, you already got skills, we will help showcase them.


Getting started is easy

Create a profile

Your profile is the first step to getting noticed. Present as much information, experience, skills and previous projects undertaken.

Create a task

A task is a service you are offering to potential clients on what you can do. Check this article on creating a simple task: You can create different specific instead of generic/master of all tasks.

Add Extras

On each task, you could add further services at an added cost to your offering. This help you target different segment of clients, eg lower delivery timeline, a value added service etc

Get Custom Offers

Sometimes, a client might want something different from what you stated, all they need do is to create a Custom Order, you will receive the notification, input the agreed amount and other details. The client will receive this and can then pay based on the revised order.

Monitor your email

Potential clients will contact you, and might want more clarifications, we will notify you. Its important you respond at the earliest time possible. Ensure information is concise and detailed to avoid un-necessary back and forth. Remember to keep all communications within the site to avoid dispute complications.

Promote your task

Take your task as your virtual complimentary card, get it out to as many as possible. All you need do once it is approved is to share the URL on your Social Media handles and anywhere.

Get Paid

We pay you quickly, last working day of the following week, Nigerian Calendar.