We recently launched the Job Requests feature on Quilance. This feature gives employers an option of simply posting their job requests on the platform visible to everyone. Interested freelancers can then bid and make offers.

To apply, a Freelancer must have been registered on the Platform. If not, follow the initial steps outlined in this post.

Navigate to the Recruit page and see list of available requests. Applying to any of them is easy.

Click on the task to open and review the details.

Below the description is a section – Submit your offer.

If you are logged in and have created a Task, you will be able to select one of your tasks to apply for the job.

Else, if do not wish to apply for the request with your existing task, then you simply create another one. Probably the task you have is not closely related to the request. Click the Post-Service link beside the Submit button.

For a new Freelancer, with no tasks. The image below will be displayed on your screen.

If you have created a Task previously, you can use the task to apply for the Request. Note that a Task is not specific to a particular client, so make it applicable to general view and other potential clients.

So lets assume the Freelancer wants to apply but yet to create a Task – Please read more on my post: Getting started as Freelancer on Quilance.

Now that you have the desired task applicable to the Request. Select and click Submit.

The client will receive your application and it will be displayed on the Offers list pertaining to the request. He/She may decide to contact you or send you a custom order.

You will receive a notification and can respond appropriately.

On the Quilance page after logging in – The notification icon will alert you. Click on it to review custom orders.


When you click on a Custom Order. You can either review, decline or add a message.

To reject, simply click Decline.

To accept – Click Send offer and input the same budget amount and duration entered by the client, that means you are accepting the terms as already stated.

If you input something else different from what is in the custom offer, it means you are proposing a different term of engagement. That means a modification.

If the client is okay with your modification or acceptance. He/She will accept the offer and make payment.

You will receive a notification, as soon as payment is made. Then you can start working on the request.

Click on My Orders on your Profile Menu link

Click on Tasks

A list of your tasks will be displayed. Click on the one to be completed and on the corresponding page, click Start.

There is a timing that shows you how many hours left for you to complete the Task.

When you are done, simply click deliver.

You can input a description, attach files or paste the link to the project.

The client will be notified and will be able to review and mark the request as completed. The client has a maximum of 3 days to either confirm or dispute the order.

The next step is getting paid. Ensure you have inputted your Nigerian Bank details properly. You will find where to update this on your profile dashboard.

That pretty much about it. More inquiry, please Contact us or use the Chat option below.