Getting paid, that’s why you came to Quilance. And we are working hard to ensure that.

The payment feature has been enabled on Quilance. Guess what that means. Officially clients can engage you, order for your service and pay.

Take a look at the payment page.

There are three options available.

Bank Transfer: When a client select this option, they will be advised to remit funds into Quilance company account. The payment is verified and you get notification payment has been made so you start working. We had to allow this option for non-card payments.

Account Credit: For users who probably have balances on their account on Quilance. Account Credit can come in two ways. A user who got a refund or funds pending withdrawal by a Freelancer

Paystack: Recommended option for instant card payment. Paystack is a payment system allowing use of card payment, Instant Bank Transfer via Internet Banking, and shortcode. All card processing are done on Paystack servers and no card information is shared with Quilance.

Here is a preview of the Paystack payment page

As you can see there are multiple payment options included. 737, Visa QR, Bank Transfer and Card.

What Else

Every payment is covered by our Escrow policy. It means the Freelancer does not receive final payment until the client confirm submission and completion.

Here is a tip

Let people in your network know what you can offer, and there is an easy way to do so. Here is where your social media account comes in handy.

  • Navigate to your Task – You can easily view it in your Dashboard
  • Click on it.
  • To the left of the page, there are three Social Icons – Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.

Click on each option to share the task on your logged-in Social account.

Here is Twitter example – Feel free to customize the wordings.

And that’s it. You can as well ask for a retweet from your followers. Do same on Facebook.

Remember you are not limited to only those two. Whatsapp, LinkedIn etc. Simply copy the URL to share on your favourite network.

That is all for now folks.

Any issues or inquiry, please feel free to drop it in the comments below.